9 Point To Do Checklist Before Applying for Google Adsense

Heya, so all we reached here researching the To-Do’s and checklist before applying for Google Adsense. Well, No doubt! You’re already a successful blogger!

It’s a hobby for some to write some content and post it live on their blogs, Where some start blogs just to apply for Adsense and make some earnings with the writing talents they have.

Nothing is less, and there are a third species who dream a “travel and enjoy” life by making passive income forever. I belong to this category. But I know it’s not that easy to get Adsense approved and earn a huge amount of money very soon so that I could quit my active Job and travel the world!

In fact, it’s possible to earn huge amount of money if the works need to be done gets done the right way. There are examples of bloggers who completely live on the earnings of Blogs, Vlogs, and Adsense, making a really really huge amount of income!

To worsen the case, nowadays Google AdSense has become very strict in approving new applications. Even on YouTube, it’s not like before! It needs at least 10,000 lifetime views for the approval. So in this article let’s evaluate what to do before applying for Adsense.

1. Use Top Level Domain

I recommend using dot com, dot net or dot org. Let your website attain at least 6 months of age before you apply for Adsense. Let me summarize the reason. Days back, People who did Advertisements on Google happened to get fraud clicks which eventually swiped away bunches of money from their campaigns. The result for them is nothing but no benefit from these campaigns. In order to control these activities, Google proposed the age check for websites before it shall be agreed for Adsense. Even if this is not the perfect solution, there is probably no other way of reducing such invalid activities. Once this restriction was set only to some highly populated non-English speaking countries like China, India, Pakistan, and many more, where these invalid activites were high. It doesn’t mean that English speaking countries like the UK, US don’t trick Adsense, but still the rate is low. Nowadays Google is adding multiple countries to the list. So, as a conclusion, your website must have attained 6 months of age before you shall apply for Adsense.


2. Don't use third party Ad Networks

If you have integrated other third party Ad networks like Chitika, Clicksor or something like that, it’s strongly recommended to remove them temporarily. It’s better to be clean while you apply. Don’t put those Ads until you get a verification from Adsense Team.

If you really need to get Adsense verified, you must never use another Ad service while you apply for it. Please keep in mind that you can integrate other Ad Networks anytime once your Adsense application is approved.


3. Design

The design of your website is the biggest thing after writing a good Content. Your experience and professionalism are reflected in the way how you present your website design. So always be on the safer side, since anything can kill your big dream. Let the page background be white or something related to white but not patterned, and let the words be written with a font that is easily readable and non-irritating to eyes. Keep the post title and content well placed and perfectly spaced.


4. Content Type

Be careful with what type of content or niche you are publishing. It is something that truly matters. It must not contain pornographic or other illegal contents in any manner. Having posts shorter than 500 words in length should also be avoided. Writing Insufficient or Poor content might become unacceptable by AdSense team to agree with you. Let the content have more details and be grammatically rich and the most importantly Let it be unique.


5. Minimum Number of Posts

There is reportedly no such limit or requirement. But it is advised that you apply for Adsense after your website has received at least 10,000 views. Also always write Articles with a length of 500+ words.  There are cases, websites having very few posts like 10 to 15 and that too written in less than 500 words got approved, but still, to be on the safe side we must count this to our checklist. Please note that some blogs with more than 50 posts are still having troubles getting approval. This concludes that post count is not a matter for Adsense approval.


6. Keep a Privacy Policy

One of the most important factors, is to make a privacy policy page in your site. It can help your Adsense Approval, and so you must give it a try. You can write it yourself or find Privacy Policy Generators online . You don’t need a lawyer anyway.

Using online generators are very handy. Simply submit your website details like blog category, cookie setup, how you use the information collected through contact forms etc., in those fields and submit and simply get your version of Privacy policy downloaded locally. You may then simply use this content in your Privacy Policy page.


7. Keep an About Page

Let your website display your Name and Email address in quickly reachable pages like About and Contact, so that it will provide better trust to the viewers, and that you’re eventually speeding up Google Adsense team’s application confirmation part more easier. This helps them identify you and confirm you’re the same person who applied for Adsense. Not a joke, it’s an About page and a Contact page which does the major role of getting an Adsense approval.


8. Keep a Contact Us Page

Give the readers a page to comment their feedbacks or queries. It will also show the Google Adsense Team that you are providing some better services. The more it is helpful and supportful to the readers, the more likely you are to get the approval.


9. No Paid Traffic

You can bring traffic through Search Engine Optimization or other digital marketing methods. But Paid traffic or Bots are not acceptable to Google. Tell a big No to paid traffic!

Some Extra Tips

Speed check your website in these two online tools and rectify if any issues were found before you apply for Adsense.


These are awesome and must use tools for every blogger, since these point out the exact files which slow down your website. Take your time to rectify all the issues denoted there.



There are a lot of chances of Adsense rejection even if you follow all these key points. Always remember it’s not the end, you can always resubmit the application again and again. But before resubmitting the application, always double check if the issues for the previous rejection are rectified.

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